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    Humor : I can't be bothered to post any humor. SO SHUT UP!
    Rank: Diplodocus
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    Humor : Torosaurus,Triceratops is my bro
    Rank: Allosaurus
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    Humor : Troll: "I AM NOT A TROLL!" Random Guy: "Yes you are." Me: "U dont say!"
    Rank: Leaellynasaura
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    Humor : thats so funny i forgot to laugh
    Rank: Ankylosaurus
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    Humor : Chuck Norris won the World Series of Poker using Pokemon cards
    Rank: Majungasaurus
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    Humor : Ever heard of Paintball? bam bam bam!!
    Rank: Dilophosaurus
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    Humor : Tyrannosaurus Sex!!!! XD
    Rank: Camarasaurus

Rank: Majungasaurus
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