A little too late to type this?

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A little too late to type this? Empty A little too late to type this?

Post by hyatt304 on Fri May 20, 2016 8:50 am

Sorry for this.. Just revisiting some old memories

It was good while it lasted. It's been what? Four years since I last logged into this account... My other account Galliman was lost to me but I for some reason easily logged into this after searching up the username so I decided to reclaim this account... I made a lot of friends here. A lot of amazing friends. Some of which I lost and some of which I still keep into contact with even after so much time. I grew up here. I was here from the start of middle school to the end of it. I miss those days dearly. The days when I was able to just sit here for hours and talk to you guys in that little chat box that was at the bottom. It was probably the most amazing part of my life. As dorky as it is to say that. I'll keep this forum in my mind. Always. I can't possibly express how much nostalgia I have being here right now. Writing this message is almost surreal to me. I haven't talked to so many of you in ages and it pangs my heart that we all had to go separate ways.

A long awaited goodbye to OGP. Everyone I talked to here will always be in my heart.

~Charlie aka Galliman


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